Using MogileFS as a general replicated storage filesystem

Evan Martin martine at
Fri Mar 17 02:38:57 UTC 2006

On 3/17/06, Robin Smidsrød <robin at> wrote:
> Once in a while I tend to get new (actually old) computing hardware. It
> could really be anything, from a P133 with 500MB harddrive to a blazing
> server with 1GHz cpu and several GB's of storage. At the moment I have
> approx 1.1TB og physical storage split across 11 machines and maybe 20
> harddrives. The largest harddrive is 250GB and the smallest is 160MB.

I know this doesn't answer your problem, but it's worth noting that
(according to pricewatch) a 300gb disk can be had for $100.  So your
entire storage system could be done in $400 worth of disks, and
mirrored RAID for twice that.  This cost is miniscule compared to the
cost of programmer time, sysadmin time, and power requirements
(multiple computers, network switches) necessary for the fancier
system you describe.  (Of course, I agree that the fancier system is
much cooler.)

Now if you had 1.1PB of data, a GFS-like system may be more useful... :)

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