MogileFS "evaluation server" VMWare virtual appliance now available

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Thu Sep 28 00:25:04 UTC 2006

Longest subject ever. ^^

Anyway, grab your MogileFS VMWare image:

Available in zip or tar.gz for your pleasure.

Docs are:

Should run under VMWare Player fine?  Somebody let me know.  I made it
with VMWare Server, not Workstation, because Workstation was hating on the
Dapper Drake.

It includes:

  -- tracker, running on boot.

  -- MySQL 5.0, running InnoDB, on boot.  schema already populated

  -- LVM with 10 GB to play with.

  -- one device (dev1) already carved from the LVM, with filesystem
     and "MogileDev1" filesystem label

  -- mogstored storage node daemon running on boot, automounting
     the LVM filesystem.

But you have to give it a static IP address and then follow the
instructions in the docs above.

I should've done this ages ago and got a bunch of money from VMWare.


Questions?  Requests?


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