Directly Retrieve MogileFS Items

Anthony Volodkin anthonyv at
Mon Apr 9 19:07:43 UTC 2007


I am working on a web application which involves storing files across 
several machines and then making them available via HTTP.

I want to use MogileFS to manage these files.  It seems that I need to 
use the MogileFS API to retrieve the files well as to store them, 
increasing the retrieve overhead.

Is it possible to:

1) Store a file using MogileFS which will replicate it to several 
machines in this group of servers.
2) Make each MogileFS raw store directory on each server available via 
HTTP with a web server.
3) Query MogileFS for the possible locations of a given key/file and 
generate a URL which will directly fetch this file from the correct web 

Can I do this with MogileFS?  Are there any other tools I should look at?

Thank you,

Anthony Volodkin

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