"Streaming" FLV through MogileFS

dormando dormando at rydia.net
Fri Apr 13 21:59:16 UTC 2007

Eric Lambrecht wrote:
> ...
>> We've got a perlbal in front of our web servers that proxy out mogile 
>> content. We made an update to perlbal so that if a cgi script returns 
>> an 'X-REPROXY-FLV-START' header to perlbal (in addition to the 
>> 'X-REPROXY-URL' header that points to the actual video in mogile), 
>> perlbal makes a partial GET request against the backend mogile server 
>> (lighttpd, in this case), and prefixes the response back to the client 
>> with the 13 byte FLV header information.
> ... bah! I feel bad just leaving a tease like that. ;-)
> Here's a patch against perlbal 1.52 that implements this. There might be 
> an extraneous line or two in there - review it and understand it before 
> you run it.
> Credit to Giao Phan (casret at pobox.com) for the code.
> Eric...

Hah, thanks! Beat me to the punch. I like unified diffs, but this'll work :)


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