"Streaming" FLV through MogileFS

dormando dormando at rydia.net
Fri Apr 13 23:54:43 UTC 2007

Eric Lambrecht wrote:
> dormando wrote:
>> So, next question; how does the client tie into this? Does it make a 
>> raw range request when seeking, or is this exactly how the PHP example 
>> works? Sorry, I should've just tcpdump'ed your client by now but I'm 
>> feeling lazy today.
> Pass the byte offset into the video as a parameter to your cgi that 
> looks the file up in mogile. The cgi maps your video to the location in 
> mogile, passes that location to perlbal with X-REPROXY-URL and also 
> passes the byte offset in via the X-REPROXY-FLV-START header. Perlbal 
> makes a range request to mogile and proxies the file with the new header.
> How do you map a click on the timeline in your video to a byte offset 
> into the video file? That doesn't seem very related to perlbal or mogile 
> now, does it? ;-)  Take a look at flvtool.
> Eric...

Mostly the first explanation I needed. Our flash folks aren't exactly 
sure what happens when, so I had to dig it up :P I've been fiddling with 
flvtool a bit and will try out the patch. Seems like there're two 
conflicting ways for flash to make the request for the specific file 
range. (the ?start=NN bit, and apparantly a byte range offset).

Need to figure out a clean way to integrate so we can merge in the 
functionality (or release as a plugin?). Either brad'll chime in or I'll 
eventually figure it out :P


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