Patch for lighttpd MKCOL

Justin Huff jjhuff at
Wed Apr 25 16:16:36 UTC 2007

> Thanks for the patch.  Will be (partially) included in 2.10 (the next
> parts).
Thanks! I thought there were a few people on the list using lighttpd, so 
I was a little surprised to run into this

> The 405 removal is a bit more difficult... I see from the WebDAV spec that
> it's correct, but I'm afraid Perlbal/Apache might return 405 for other
> reasons, besides directory-already-exists... like if WebDAV isn't enabled
> to begin with.  Somehow I'll need to differentiate between those two
> cases.  I'll add a note to the TODO to look into this more later...
It seemed like that code was designed to catch the 'no WebDAV' case. 
Since a server's WebDAV support isn't likely to change often, what do 
you think about checking as part of doing test writes?

Or do you want me to throw together a patch with an 'ignore405' config 

BTW, I might make it to LinuxFest up in Bellingham.  If so, I'll say hi.


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