Announce: official lighttpd support

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Wed Apr 25 18:52:14 UTC 2007

I figured it's time to finally make mogstored support lighttpd, and stop
just saying "Yeah, it's possible if you get down and dirty with it!"


  Abstract out the HTTP server support... (and break up mogstored
  into manageable pieces)

  Adds lighttpd support...

Use like:

  $ mogstored --server=lighttpd

Which will find your lighttpd binary, make a tempfile config, and run it
as a child process.

Of if you want to be explicit to the binary's location:

  $ mogstored --server=lighttpd --serverbin=/opt/my/special/path/lighttpd

This has undergone no testing at all yet, and docs are non-existent.

I have a meeting to run to now, but will run it all through the standard
testsuite later, and add some docs before I do a release.

Any testing/comments in the meantime would be lovely.


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