Dead device listed as "writeable"

Jared Klett jared at
Wed Aug 1 21:42:58 UTC 2007

dear Mogiletrons,

	I've been marking devices as "drain" then waiting for them to
finish draining, then marking them "dead". This has worked well, except
for two instances where the dead device is still listed as "writeable"
in 'mogadm check' hours later:

[ 2] dev42           18.637      1.431     17.206   7.68%  writeable
[ 2] dev67           18.637      1.431     17.206   7.68%  writeable

	And from 'mogadm device list':

dev67: dead       0.366   372.139 372.505
dev42: dead       0.635   371.870 372.505

	Is this cause for concern? Or should I just ignore it?

	MogileFS doesn't appear to be putting files in those
directories, so I'm leaning towards "ignore it".

	I poked around in the database and the "usage" file in those
directories but cannot fathom why they're listed as writeable.

	Thanks as always for the help and advice!


- Jared

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