Data splitting

Krzysztof Kotkowicz lancaster at
Thu Aug 2 08:22:44 UTC 2007

On Thu, Aug 02, 2007 at 03:37:26PM +0800, drpr0ctologist at wrote:
>    - If an IMG server becomes full and I need to split the data, it
>    becomes painful. Imagine having to copy arbitrary amounts of data from IMG1,
>    then splitting that to IMG1 and IMG6.  Then, you have to update the database
>    so it knows of the split.
>    - Mounting NFS volumes for every single web server is a hassle.
> How can MogileFS help here?

I'm System Administrator of some portal in Poland. We start using MogileFS few days
ago, and I suppose it was greatest decision made in last 3 months. We have many
photos of our users, and it was thing killing our harddrives. Now we are using 2
MFS servers with 4 HDDs each, and waiting for other server. Thanks to
enable_rebalance function, we don't need to manually add photos to new server. So
your first problem is solved. Second doesn't exist - You add "mount points" to tracker,
and it's tracker's problem to split photos to other servers. PHP app is beside it.

We was trying with NFS, but have many problems. Mogile solves many of it.

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