One cluster, serveral apps: Authentication?

Luis Zarrabeitia kyrie at
Thu Aug 2 16:12:59 UTC 2007

Hi there.
I work at an university, and frequently there are 
students/professors/researches asking for (reliable) disk space for the apps 
they develop. Some of those may make it to production, some of them don't, 
but it is a shame that lack of storage may stop them. For most of their 
needs, MogileFS seems to be a great solution, so I'm planning to set up a 
Mogile cluster.

The problem is, it will be hosting file for different apps, developed by 
different people. There is an obvious use for namespaces there, but:

* is there some kind of access control? Could I say "this app/user/whatever 
can only read/write/whatever from this namespace"? (ideally, per-file 
settings would be better, but per-namespace is enough for now).

* As disk space is scarce, a similar setting for the replication classes would 
be great: "this user/app/whatever can only put files in class 'development' 
with a repcount of 2, this other can put them in class 'production' with 
repcount 3, etc".

I have neither installed Mogile or read the sources yet, but from the 
documentation, it seems neither of those is possible right now. (In fact, I 
can't even find anthing  about security: how to prevent a computer on the 
network from connecting to the daemon and deleting files/devies). Am I wrong? 
Would it be too hard/disruptive to add at least the first one? Where should I 

(I fear perl... but not nearly enough to walk away from this project :D)

Luis Zarrabeitia (aka Kyrie)
Fac. de Matemática y Computación, UH.

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