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John Berthels jjberthels at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 11:13:44 UTC 2007


Thanks very much for the review.

>   -- the whitespace isn't consistent, either internally

Sorry about that. Hopefully fixed.

>   -- document, wherever users are likely to see it,

Some more notes in the POD in MogileFS::Client.

>   -- document also the requirements for the webserver?
>      webdav, PUT, etc?  does your new test pass with
>      default mogstored+perlbal?  or only your (which?)
>      webserver?

The client tests now poke the store and skip (with appropriate
message) if it doesn't support DAV MOVE and partial PUT. The POD now
mentions the requirements too.

>   -- I don't like this internal method:
>      + ($list, $fid, $dmid, $key) = $self->_get_paths($args);

Fair enough. The patch now doesn't touch cmd_get_paths, and copies out
what it needs from there into cmd_edit_file.

>   -- document also above cmd_edit_file that this is experimental.


> Clean those up, post another version here on the list, and mail me
> separately about commit (http://danga.com/commit.bml) and when it's
> good, you can just commit this stuff yourself.

Thanks, will do. New version of patch attached. Should apply cleanly
to r1109 with 'patch -p1'. I've also updated the client and server
CHANGES in line with your commit guidelines above.


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