edit_file patch

John Berthels jjberthels at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 09:09:09 UTC 2007

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the commit bit and general thumbs-up on the patch.

On 11/08/07, Brad Fitzpatrick <brad at danga.com> wrote:
> Looks good.  Just this part scares me a bit in the POD docs:
> -  $mogc->new_file($key, $class, $opts_hashref)
> That's no longer an allow calling convention?  I'd hope so.
> Fix that (the code or the docs) and feel free to commit.

I'm probably missing something, but I don't think the current code
permits that anyway (and doesn't seem to have done for a long time, if

new_file handles args like this:

sub new_file {
    my MogileFS::Client $self = shift;
    return undef if $self->{readonly};

    my ($key, $class, $bytes, $opts) = @_;
    $bytes += 0;
    $opts ||= {};

which doesn't seem to honour $opts unless $bytes is specified (and
seems to end up with a crazy value for $bytes if we call ->(key,
class, {opts}). What does a hashref evaluate to in a numeric context,

The only usage of opts I can see in the mog tree is in
examples/mogilefs-dav.pl:89, which specifies the size.

If you want, I can add a "if (ref $bytes && ref $bytes eq 'HASH')"
test to the code to allow this calling convention, but if I've read it
right, no (working) code can be doing this at the moment.

thanks again,


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