Content-type (and metadata) in mogilefs

stefan deubeulyou at
Sun Aug 19 15:38:21 UTC 2007

Hi all !

In the course of mogilifising some existing nfs-based apps, as well as
new ones, I often end up asking myself deep and disturbing questions about
where to put content-type.

Let's say I have apps that output html like <img src="">,
and the super-duper perlbal/reproxy setup: right now, the app is responsible
for storing and setting the content-type header, so each image access
an app-side DB access.

If store_file was made to accept an extra parameter, an arbitrary string,
and that string was served back by get_paths, we could avoid the need
for this extra DB access (the app would still set content-type, but it'd
get its value from mogilefs instead of its own db).

It could also serve as a base for similar needs, such as simple security
checks or whatnot - think app/mogile-level cookie...

Does this make sense ? Or is there a very good reason why it'd be evil
to put any of that stuff in mogile ?

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