patch: add Mogstored::HTTPServer::None

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Mon Aug 20 16:28:51 UTC 2007

Looks good.

On Aug 20, 2007, at 8:32 AM, "John Berthels" <jjberthels at>  

> Hi there,
> Does anyone have any objections to or comments on this small patch?
> It adds a Mogstored::HTTPServer::None, which allows mogstored to be
> run against an existing DAV backend which isn't managed by mogstored
> (you need mogstored running to get usage info etc, but it's not always
> convenient to have mogstored start/stop/configure the DAV server).
> I'll take silence as assent and commit in a day or two if no-one  
> says anything.
> re: commit policy, is this change small enough to go in without
> checking with the list?
> jb
> <httpserver-none-1.patch>

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