broken replication for dead devices

Oleg Tyaglo otyaglo at
Fri Aug 24 16:55:51 UTC 2007


I read all mail archive, and it seems that I may have broken
Sorry for my bad English.

Problem details:

I have: mindevcount=3, 10 storage nodes, each storage node has 1 device.
2 weeks ago 1 device failed, and I marked it as dead.
I noticed, that there are still references to fid in file_on table with
dead devid.
Also, for each file that was on dead device, I still have only 2 copies
on alive drives.

Does this means that mogile does not re-replicate nessesary copy to
other alive devices up to mindevcount when drive goes dead?

I pick up few fid and delete references from file_on table which dead
Then, I went to the file table and decreased devcount for these fids by

Immediately, mogile created necessary copies of this fid on other alive

Some extra info:

We had to use myISAM, not innoDB for DB storage.
There are ~ 6M records in file table and, 3 times more in file_on

Thanks for help 



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