trackers caching information for too long?

Jared Klett jared at
Mon Dec 3 15:32:18 UTC 2007

hi Javier,

	Sorry if this is being too obvious, but are you using the
recently released memcached support in the tracker? I'm not sure when it
was introduced, exactly, but there's a document about it in SVN.


- Jared

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Subject: trackers caching information for too long?

I've noticed that after deleting or modifying a class or domain in
mogile, I need to restart all the trackers. Do the trackers keep some
sort of persistent cache? can i force it to be purged when i do a mogadm
modification? Is this a bug and i should upgrade?

Errors where:
RESPONSE: ERR unreg_class unreg_class

until i restarted all the trackers, then it went away ( and i verified
it by restarting one by one, and as i restarted, that one would stop
throwing errors )


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