Allocating MySQL cluster nodes for MogileFS database

Jonathan Steinert hachi at
Wed Feb 7 19:16:40 UTC 2007

Arthur Bebak wrote:
> Jared Klett wrote:
>>     and the MySQL cluster storage nodes:
>> * Dual Opteron 2.4 Ghz (Troy)
>> * 8 GB memory (may upgrade to 16 before going into production)
>> * 3ware 8006-2LP (RAID-1 for system)
>>     am I way off base here? asking for trouble (performance
>> problems)? if so, what should I move off the file servers to other
>> machines?
> I suspect your file servers are fine, though given that MogileFS copies
> its files into memory (e.g. the get_file_data call) the more memory 
> the better.
> The only other comment I would make is to configure your MySQL boxes 
> with Raid 10.
> You want high IO rates, particularly if your DB size will be large, 
> and of course
> you want the reliability.
I see a lot of talk about using ndb (Mysql Cluster) here, and while I'm 
not exactly sure of the state of this in MySQL 5.1, still 
says that this is an in-memory storage system. Assuming that is the 
case, then RAID 10 vs RAID 1 on the MySQL data storage nodes will make 
no difference at all.

I could be all wet on this subject, and someone should correct me if I 
am, but this is what I see in your setup.


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