Make mogilefsd bind to a specific IP address?

Mark Smith junior at
Tue Feb 13 03:21:28 UTC 2007

> I see no way to do this currently, but agree it should be a feature. 
> I've tossed it into RT and hopefully will get around to it  within the 
> next few days. Unless someone beats me to it of course.

I went ahead and took care of this.  As of the latest svn revision you
can now specify the IP to listen on (or specify multiple combinations) in
either the config file or command line.

./mogilefsd --listen --listen --port 7001

That would cause the server to listen on and
Note that if you don't specify a port with the IP explicitly then it uses
the default (7001) or your configured port.

You can also specify the same data in the configuration file:

listen =,
conf_port = 7001

By default it uses

Mark Smith
junior at

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