Some questions abt MogileFS

Travis Boucher tbone at
Thu Feb 22 06:50:45 UTC 2007

I suggest reading up what MogileFS is and what MogileFS is not before 
attempting to use it.

It is not like a standard filesystem.  It is best for write once - read 
many files.  Best for small files, but works well with large files if 
your client code can handle it properly.

howard chen wrote:
> I have the following questions abt using MogileFS,
> 1. Do you think MogileFS is suitable for the following uses?
> a. Photo storage for online album
> b. Email storage for email system
> c. Cache storage (i.e. static HTML publishing, similar the one used in
> MT, directly send the static HTML file to client rather than doing DB
> query each time)
> 2. How scalable it is? Any real word examples, e.g. how many servers,
> total storage size, etc.
> 3. What are the advantages in using MogileFS over GFS (Red Hat) or
> Coda? (Besides they are difficult to setup).
> Thanks for any comments.

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