Some questions abt MogileFS

James Byers jbyers at
Thu Feb 22 16:15:06 UTC 2007

> What will be the bottomneck of MogileFS in your site?
> CPU? Disk? Network?

You can add as many storage nodes / disks and file trackers (file  
location lookup and replication management) as you like.  File  
serving is straight HTTP, and you can use your webserver of choice to  
replace mogile's built-in server.  So the bottlenecks there are the  
same for static file serving, distributed across your storage nodes.   
File location lookups (key to URL) can be cached to avoid overloading  
trackers.  At some point, the database behind your trackers might be  
a bottleneck.  Pick your favorite database clustering / replication /  
partitioning scheme, or partition at your application to multiple  
mogile instances.

As usual, all of this is completely dependent on your application and  
environment.  Tell us more about how you're going to use mogile, and  
we can guess better at where you'll run into problems.


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