Large number of mogstored processes

Travis Boucher tbone at
Thu Feb 22 16:45:05 UTC 2007

mischa.z wrote:
> But why processes? Why not using threads? (Sorry if I ask dumb 
> questions but my knowledge of Perl is rather limited:/). Altogether 
> those processes use up a substantial amount of memory without actually 
> doing anything (at that time there weren't any PUT requests + GET is 
> handled by lighttpd). And what really strikes me is that I see a lot 
> of child processes on only 2 out of 5 nodes.
> e.g. another node that seems to be Ok:

Perl Threads are ugly, slow, hacked crap.  Forking of processes are 
often cheaper and faster.  I has a project a few years ago and I figured 
I'd try perl threads and I found them to be about 1/2 the speed of just 
forking off. (This was perl 5.6 mind you).  Personally I just use 
lighttpd for mogstore together with a couple scripts and a hacked up 
version of the wikipedia mogilefs php client (so MKCOL will work 

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