Restoration on new node!!!!!!!

dormando dormando at
Sat Jul 7 19:49:50 UTC 2007

MogileFS requires manual interaction to mark a device as dead, though 
some have working monitoring which can also do it for you.

So, given storage nodes A, B, C. You have files on all three.

Device B goes offline. Your monitoring bleeps, you confirm it's dead, 
and use mogadm to mark the device as 'dead'. Once the device is marked 
dead, mogilefs will drain all of the files associated with that device, 
and the replicator will replicate new copies to A, C until the 
replication manager is satisfied.


senthilnathan thiagarajan wrote:
> If a node(file storage server) failed, the restoration will be triggered 
> by the tracker for restoring the files that are in the failed node to 
> the new node.
> Could somebody throw some light on how this works:-
> Whether this will happen as follows :..
> Fetching all the files names that are in the failed node from database
> Pushing the files to the new node, by getting all the above files from 
> available(copies..) storage nodes.
> Regards
> Senthil

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