Any desire for updated MogileFS docs?

Brett G. Durrett brett at
Wed Jul 11 20:13:38 UTC 2007

It has been a while since I had to touch anything with MogileFS but it 
looks like I will be spending some time with it in the next few weeks.   
I noticed that the documentation has not changed much since I last 
provided the MogileFS 1.x install howto in October of last year 
( so I am considering updating the 
docs as part of my other work.

Before I spend time to update documentation I wanted to check on a few 

1.  Would people find real value in updated docs?

2.  If there is value, would you prefer to see something more like a 
walkthough (i.e. my old install doc that pretty much gets mogile up and 
running) or more of an overview that leaves the implementation to the 
end user (i.e. an explanation of the mogilefsd jobs, what each really 
does, etc.).

3.  Nobody is currently working on this / there is not a source for this 
info that I missed (I looked at the wiki on schtuff but it is quite 
possible that all of this documentation exists somewhere else).

Thanks in advance for any input,


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