Analysis of the over-replication issue

Brandon Ooi brandon at
Wed Jul 25 00:03:50 UTC 2007

Perhaps it's because you have the replicate workers running on more than 
one mogilefsd instance? Maybe they will run into each other and 
replicate more than once?

We have it set up so only one machine runs the replicate, delete workers.

I have no idea how that all works but that's how we have it set up.


Russell Garrett wrote:
> info at wrote:
>> I'm also experiencing excessive replication on a large scale. I've 
>> got a mogilefs setup running on 5
>> hosts with about 49 devices. There are 4 file classes. 3 of them with 
>> a mindevcount of 3 and 1 with
>> a mindevcount of 2. However a huge number of files get replicated to 
>> each and every disk.
> For what it's worth, we're not experiencing this issue any more. We 
> added a ton more storage, updated mogilefsd and made sure all the 
> tests passed. Now it works fine (although we have a lot of 
> over-replicated files which I've had to write a script to sort out). 
> It's a shame we couldn't locate the cause, though.
> Russ Garrett
> Ltd.
> russ at

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