MogileFS on FreeBSD 6.2?

Travis Boucher tbone at
Thu Mar 1 00:36:04 UTC 2007

Eric Hodel wrote:
> On Feb 28, 2007, at 12:35, Egor Egorov wrote:
>> On 28 февр. 2007, at 22:00, Eric Hodel wrote:
>>> On Feb 27, 2007, at 09:55, Egor Egorov wrote:
>>>> Any chances to get MogileFS running on FreeBSD 6.2? IO::AIO seems 
>>>> to hang and fail tests. On the other hand, it all runs perfectly on 
>>>> other BSD-systems. Mac OS X 10.4.8, to name one:)
>>> I've got an old MogileFS running in NFS mode on FreeBSD.  Rumor has 
>>> it that new MogileFS code runs ok with lighttpd in place of Perlbal.
>> I.e. I only need to get tracker up and running on FreeBSDs and forget 
>> about perlbal stuff?
> Well, you still need something to upload the files, and my impression 
> was that lighttpd's DAV stuff would do this.  I don't know the 
> details, if that is correct.

You also have to make sure the client library does a recursive MKCOL 
(ie. MKCOL /dev1/, MKCOL /dev1/1/, etc).  I think the perl library one 
does, but the wikipedia PHP one doesn't.  I am not sure about others.

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