MogileFS Issues (no_devices No devices found to store file)

Travis Boucher tbone at
Thu Mar 15 17:38:58 UTC 2007

When attempting to write a file to MogileFS (via store_content), it 
fails with no_devices No devices found to store file.

The file shows up in the tempfile table, but never makes it to file or 

Originally I was running lighttpd (via webdav), but I switched it over 
to Perlbal (mogstored) and the issue persisted.

Looking at the device table and host table, everything has a status of 
'live'.  The mogstored (and lighttpd processes when I was using that) 
all had write access to the devices.

I am not sure what other directions I should be looking to resolve this 
issue.  Any suggestions?

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