mogstored can't run,error messageis: epoll_ctl(): failure adding fd=6; File exists (17)

feihu feihu.list at
Wed Mar 21 01:45:22 UTC 2007

Nice, it working... svn revision 786.Thank u

# ls /usr/local/bin/mogstored*, there are three files:

yesterday, I user version 785. error message: epoll_ctl(): failure adding fd=6; File exists (17)
The file "usage" on dev8 can't be created. but when i alive this device,
files can be replicate into this device.

That is maybe another question.

Because I just want the new server do as a Storage Nodes, after I send
mail, as instead, I use lighttpd - 1.4.11. Config file:

server.document-root = "/var/mogdata/"
server.port = 7500
server.modules = ( "mod_webdav" )
webdav.activate = "enable"

After alive this host and device, Mogilefs message:
[monitor(20436)] Port 7500 not listening on otherwise-alive machine  Error was: 404 Not Found
[replicate(25842)] Got HTTP status code 403 PUTing to
[replicate(25842)] Failed copying fid 253635 from devid 1 to devid 8 (error type: dest_error)
[replicate(25842)] copy_error: errors copying fid 253635 during replication
[replicate(25842)] Got HTTP status code 403 PUTing to
[replicate(25842)] Failed copying fid 178071 from devid 1 to devid 8 (error type: dest_error)

Copy usage file from dev1 to dev8. the first message disappear. but 403
error is still.

Chomd 777 to /var/mogdata/dev8, 403 error.

Use IE as a webdav client, can write/read from
I search mail list, like this:

Have my lighttpd config file some problem?

> Interesting.  I did just rearrange how the processes are started.  Instead
> of a fork, the iostat and diskusage are now exec'd, and they're in
> separate files, so they don't inherit any of the IO::AIO pipe baggage,
> etc.
> In the future, when you say "last version from svn", please include the
> svn revision number as well.
> Can you tell me what version works for you, and what doesn't?  Look at
> "svn log mogstored" and just back up numbers until one works?
> This doesn't look like an epoll problem, but a fork/exec problem.  (see
> how the new process names don't rename themselves to [workername]?)
> I'll try and reproduce in a couple hours here.  I'd say this is a blocker
> for release.
> Oh --- one quick question, do this:
> $ ls /usr/local/bin/mogstored*
> Do you have 3 files, or just 1?
> You should also see mogstored-iostat and mogstored-diskusage now.  Maybe
> they didn't get installed?
> I bet that's it.  I just added those to the Makefile.PL in svn 786 now:
> Sending        server/Makefile.PL
> Transmitting file data .
> Committed revision 786.
> That fix it for you?
> - Brad

feihu <feihu.list at>

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