Can mogilefs replicate (move) file to new host?

dormando dormando at
Fri Mar 23 02:29:44 UTC 2007

feihu wrote:
>> If you really want to spread the files around, there are some options.
>> -Dormando
> where? 

Two easy routes;

1) (gross) mark your busiest disks as "dead" one at a time. Wait for 
them to completely empty, then mark them as "alive" again. If you do one 
at a time, you'll only end up with one empty disk at the end.

2) (more involved, very resource intensive) is to re-write some, most, 
or all of your files. So either re-upload all of them to mogilefs, or 
download each and re-upload. This'll get you a new fileid for each of 
those files, and the new replicas will take the whole storage into account.

In reality, neither of these steps are really necessary unless your 
"older" disks are very busy. As you add new drives and store new data, 
the new drives will invariably get used pretty evenly.


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