[Announce] mogilefsd/mogstored 2.07

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at danga.com
Fri Mar 23 16:35:15 UTC 2007


Before I flee the country for awhile, let me dump this on all you:

  (also on CPAN)

LiveJournal's running it (both mogstored and mogilefsd), and it's been
looking good.  I'm liking it.


   -- code is clean, small, OO, and more hackable than ever

   -- built-in I/O monitoring.  no longer LJ-only out-of-band
      hack.  if you have new mogstoreds and iostat available,
      mogilefsd's monitor will continually monitor all devices'
      I/O utilization and load balance reads to keep disks equally

   -- database abstraction

   -- improved/expanded test suite.

   -- mogstored child processes don't inherit junk from parent, like
      signal handlers & pipes & open listening sockets... makes for
      clean shutdowns now.  also "graceful shutdown" was updated to work.

   -- mogilefsd has a !version admin command.

   -- less noise to console with mogilefsd (from earlier 2.00_xx)

   -- etc, etc......

And unrelated-but-updated utils package, with a "mogadm check" that, if
you have Mogile 2.07, shows the device I/O and state as new columns:


When I get back from vacation, a lot of new stuff is coming, now that I
have a clean, again-hackable base to start with.


- Brad

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