does mogilefsd has error logging ?

Nathan Schmidt nschmidt at
Thu Mar 29 01:39:29 UTC 2007

Also, consider using something like monit 
monit/ to make sure the process will be brought back to life if it  
does die -- you can configure it to send an email alert and auto  
start a dead process. We use that for our production machines to make  
sure we're not surprised in the morning. We've been rock-solid on svn  
755 but had some of the high-cpu crashes a few weeks back on previous  

-Nathan / PBwiki

On Mar 28, 2007, at 6:23 PM, dormando wrote:

> feihu wrote:
>> mogilefsd is auto down in night on our test server.
>> last two week, everyday, in morning , I ps process,  mogilefsd  
>> process
>> is not here. I upgrade mogilefs-server-2.07. but the case is still.
>> mogstored is good in the same test server.
> Run the process in a 'screen' session, then check the output in the  
> morning.
> You may also run an strace on the process (which will probably get  
> large), but will give you more information when it does eventually  
> fail.
> -Dormando

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