disk monitoring

Brandon Ooi brandon at hotornot.com
Tue May 1 00:45:16 UTC 2007

we've had a lot of disks fail with no real warning from smartmontools, 
not really sure how it decides a drive is failing. we tried using this 
with a bunch of sata/ide drives. i too would like to know what other 
people are trying to do.


Eric Lambrecht wrote:
> What does everybody here use for monitoring the health of disks? We've 
> got quite a heterogenous setup going on, and at the moment I think 
> manual monitoring of syslog is all we've got since various machines 
> seem to fail in all sorts of new and interesting ways with new and 
> interesting error messages.
> A cursory look on the web makes me think 'smartmontools.sf.net' might 
> work pretty well, as I think all our machines ultimately use SATA drives.
> We're using the latest mogile with the test writes, but that still 
> doesn't seem to catch everything.
> Any sage advice from experienced disk-tenders?
> Eric...

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