PAR builds, packaging, distros, etc ... interest?

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Mon May 7 20:10:21 UTC 2007


Something I forgot to mention with the 2.15 release announcement,

We've started work restructuring the code, enabling us to more easily
create PAR builds of mogilefsd and mogstored in the future.

PAR, for those unfamiliar, lets you take a Perl library or script and do
fun packaging stuff with it, like putting all dependencies into one
massive magic file (a ZIP, like a Java .jar file) that's self-hosting,
optionally including an entry point, so you can make either a Perl script
(that requires system perl), or an ELF binary, or a Windows .exe, that has
everything you need.

So in the future you guys we'll probably distribute files named like:

  mogstored.pp -- mogstored pure-perl par (requires system Perl, and
                  any C libraries)... self-hosting, runs on any OS

  mogstored.linux -- ELF binary, with all C libraries included


I imagine this would make some of your lives easier?

I hate chasing dependencies as much as you guys probably do.

Related, I'm trying to coax the ever-helpful Jay Bonci into getting Mogile
(and dependencies) into Debian.   Once updated debian/* stuff is in svn, I
can auto-release updated .debs regularlly as well.

Anybody care to help with Fedora/etc .spec files?

- Brad

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