mogilefs & fuse

Adam Rosien adam at
Mon May 14 17:48:59 UTC 2007

On 5/14/07, Brad Fitzpatrick <brad at> wrote:
> > It's annoying that the tracker can't give you file sizes though.
> That's a one-line change that I keep forgetting (if I were to add it to
> get_paths).  But should I add a new "stat_key" method instead, which would
> also be a good place to include an mtime in the response?

Another highly useful addition would be the ability to get/set "entity
tags" to support caching semantics and optimistic concurrency as in
A new param to create_open would be an optional etag value which is
returned on get_paths().

This would also help integrity checks between the data referenced by
keys stored by applications versus the keys that mogile itself knows

.. Adam

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