Pruning dead devices

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Mon May 14 21:36:34 UTC 2007

I think we never implemented it because we didn't want people to delete
devices when there were still files on it... (even if they're destroyed
and not accessible, they still have "files" on it as far as the tracker is
concerned... in the file_on table, and they need to be migrated away, so
the device stub has to exist for the internals... and another device with
the same number can't come along into existence in the meantime)

But I think we could allow devices to be deleted once they're empty... but
then how do you know they're empty, as a sysadmin?  mogadm would have to
show "dead" vs "dead+migrated away clean".  But that's ugly.

So why don't we just hide 'dead' devices in mogadm check?

I'm just brainstorming... any better ideas?

On Mon, 14 May 2007, Jared Klett wrote:

> hello Mogilers,
> 	I just upgraded our MogileFS cluster to 2.16 and it's working
> fabulously - the rebalancing feature is a real lifesaver.
> 	however, early on we had a batch of bad drives in one of our
> servers and as such have a bunch of dead devices hanging around that
> make 'mogadm check' rather unsightly and hard to read.
> 	is there a way to get rid of those dead devices? I've seen
> references in the documentation to 'mogadm device delete host ##' but
> running that just gives "Help for 'device' command" as output.
> 	is it no longer possible to delete devices, or is there another
> way?
> cheers,
> - Jared
> --
> Jared Klett
> Co-founder,

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