Some potential usages of mogilefs

howard chen howachen at
Mon May 21 14:25:31 UTC 2007


1. Do you think mogilefs for serving large amount of static files,
rarely changed, e.g. images, javascript, css etc.

Somethings similar to Yahoo's yimg (but not yahoofs).

Currently we are using load balancer + rsync, which suite our need if
the scale is small, but in the future, if you have large amount for
files, rsync will become the bottleneck

2. Are there any performance metrics available? such as max. of
storage volume in real world setup, number of requests/response per
seconds on a modern server...I know it is difficult to compare as
people always has different setup, but I would like to know more abt
the general overhead, e.g. serving 1MB JPEG file from lighty (1.5,
async) vs mogilefs

Thanks for any inputs...


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