Serving from Storage Nodes

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Sat Nov 3 02:44:23 UTC 2007

I've been going through the lists to try and understand the best way for
serving data from the storage nodes.

Here's a brief overview of what I've come up with:
My app is written in PHP, and we serve up a ton of images.  img src tags are
generated, currently, depending on where the image is stored. This should be
easy to integrate with the API and the getPaths command. I'd just return one
of the URLs back to the code generator and the users browser can go and GET
the image directly.

One question I'm coming up with is, what are some common practices for
rewriting the URLs before passing them back to the user?  I get back URL
looking like:

Wondering what others are doing for cleaning that up a little bit for the
HTML source, or if it's even worth it?

One other question I'm wondering about is the altip/altmask options on the
host settings.   I have a private network setup that my trackers, database,
and storage node all talk over.  Obviously, I want to return a public
IP/host for users to view.  I assume I can use the altip/altmask options for
this.  Or, do I set the altip/altmask to the private IP network, and the
"ip" to the public IP?  Anybody else got some examples I can give a go?


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