Looking for general scalability insights

dormando dormando at rydia.net
Thu Nov 8 18:15:42 UTC 2007

Yoav Steinberg wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm looking for some information (or personal experience stories) about 
> how scalable mogile is. Is it realistic to handle lets say 100 storage 
> nodes with 20tera storage connected to each and ten's of millions of files?

Cache your paths, and it'll work fine ;) I can't post numbers from what 
I've ran, but they've been bigger than what you describe, with a single 
database (pair) as a backend.

I personally believe it does better with devices being more spread out, 
but that might just be me. I know other people have even larger instances.

The idea is that you can add storage nodes, frontend perlbals, and 
trackers all willy-nilly and it won't slow down. There are a couple pain 
points on the tracker and the database isn't scalable past one yet (but 
might support read-only slaves fine). If you hit those pain points, 
maybe you can contract one of us to fix it for ya real quick ;)


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