Waiting on replication

Mark Smith smitty at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 10:25:41 UTC 2007

> Two questions:
> 1) Why is it trying to replicate when the class used has a max
> replication count of 1?

It's an assumption that mogtool makes: that when you inject something
there will be a mindevcount of >= 2.  It assumes there will be

> 2) Why is it hanging on replication anyways?

mogtool is designed to never complete until it is satisfied the file
is properly stored in MogileFS.  This means: every chunk has been
replicated.  For added security, if you specify --verify then mogtool
will check the MD5 hash of every chunk.

Perhaps mogtool could use an option to --ignore-replication or
similar.  That or automatically pull down the mindevcount for the
given class and use that information?

Mark Smith / xb95
smitty at gmail.com

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