mogadm stats misreporting, bug?

Javier Frias jfrias at
Tue Nov 27 01:34:36 UTC 2007

Hey guys,

so during my stress testing of mogile fs, i've found something odd,
mogadm stops reporting domain and class information.

Statistics for files...
  domain               class           files
  -------------------- ----------- ----------
  -------------------- ----------- ----------

Statistics for replication...
  domain               class        devcount      files
  -------------------- ----------- ---------- ----------
                                           2      10719
  -------------------- ----------- ---------- ----------

all i've done on the setup has been write and delete a few hundred
thousand files over and over, as well as mark devices up and down,
delete and add domains. then all of the sudden modadm stopped
reporting these attributes. modadm domain list and mogadm class list
shows the classes fine. I can also retrieve and write to the domains
without error. is this a known issue?

I'm using:
Revision: 1127
Last Changed Date: 2007-09-26 01:45:04 -0400 (Wed, 26 Sep 2007)

as a side note, can you change the  mindevcount of the default class?

"mogadm class modify images default --mindevcount=3"

doesnt change things

- Javier Frias

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