Fwd: Cacti Templates anyone? .... Weird Mogile activity?

Kyle Nordman kylenordman at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 08:33:58 UTC 2007

First thing:
Just a quick note to see if anyone has any mogileFS cacti templates they
would like to share =). I'd be more than happy to donate to a fund if I
could find some to use, I've never created my own, but I assume people have
some decent ones going that I could possibly add to.

Another note, I notice after several weeks of uptime for mogileFS I find our
trackers returning the wrong photos via the application level. But if I use
the mogADM tool it returns correctly over and over again.

So it's the application level right? I thought so as well, but rebooting or
clearing any sort of cache on the application level does not fix the
problem. Only rebooting one of the tracker machines does (it does not matter
which one).

The application returns the proper filename, so the key matches up, but the
image displaying seems to be different than what is expected.

I am a bit of a newb to MogileFS and have been reading the source to figure
it out more and more, but this seems like a weird scenario for myself.

Has anyone else seen this happen?

Machine setup:
Ruby 1.8.6
Apache / Perlbal / Mongrel
Mogstored returning images (not lighttpd).
mogilefs-client (gem for ruby)

Everything is up to date.

The application machines are completely separate from the mogilefs trackers
and storage nodes. As is the database.

Thank you.
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