Licensing of MogileFS Mediawiki Module?

Benjamin Meynell bmeynell at
Thu Oct 11 14:39:15 UTC 2007

>At worst, your code was based on Erik's version.
>At best, your code was based on the MediaWiki version.

At worst, your slandering me and my work.
At best, your making very bad assumptions.

For the record my code is based mostly on my study of MogileFS' Worker/ My client also reflects work I've done on other client/server plugins such as sfWebBrowserPlugin, and, of course, my general knowledge of client/server interaction and PHP.

>If neither of those is the truth, I'll recant my claim that your work is
>uncredited. For anybody interested in a comparison, I suggest starting
>with the 'doRequest' function.

In my initial research a couple of years ago I did take cursory glances at ALL the existing clients (Python, Java, Perl, etc) and one could argue that are major similarities between them *all*. Similarities will also crop up in any client code dealing with the same server/protocol. The 'doRequest' you cite is one of those common names developers decide to use to "do a request". We've since opted for 'call' to be more sfWebBrowserPlugin-ish, by the way. We also plan to kill the curl requirement and instead require sfWebBrowserPlugin as an alternative so that users without curl could use sockets, etc., instead. Lastly, we're working on an ajax-based admin backend for executing commands. 

In case you haven't noticed, sfMogileFSPlugin is not stable/1.0 yet and nobody should even be using it at this time except developers. Although the core sfMogileFSPlugin may be similar to other clients (it's hard not to be) it is NOT a "blatant rip-off" as you put it.

If anyone feels they themselves should be credited, then contact me directly with specifics and I'll include you in the public/1.0 release.

As for licensing, it will probably be MIT.

Benjamin Meynell

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