Large file (auto-chunking) in MogileFS

dormando dormando at
Wed Oct 17 07:19:35 UTC 2007

Lance Boomerang wrote:
> I am a Large file MogileFS newbie.
> I have been testing a small MogileFS install using mogtool.  Works well 
> enough for file access.  I noticed I have to use the --bigfile option 
> for large files.  Does anyone know the current plan / status of adding 
> in auto-chunking in MogileFS in upcoming versions?  At this point I 
> assume the client needs to do the work to chunk if the files are large.

There's nothing in trunk, no one working on it that I know of. Chunking 
large files is an unfortunate default in mogtool. I tried working out 
how it would be beneficial even, and it doesn't appear to help many 

If it continues, it may become an awkward non-default. If there's a good 
enough use case that'll make people clamor for it, it'll get more work ;)


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