Java client

Eric Lambrecht eml at
Mon Oct 29 17:25:37 UTC 2007

komtanoo.pinpimai at wrote:
> Sorry if it's been brought up many times. I'm looking for a MogileFS java
> client and found only while googling, is
> it stable ? AFAIK, there's no somewhat official java client yet. Wondering
> what Java ppl are using ?

We've been using it heavily in production since I released it and 
haven't had any issues with it. There's really not much to it.

One of the guys made some internal improvements to it to support 
chunked up large files. I don't know if they're still using it or have 
since replaced it.

I've been too lazy to try to get it added to the official distribution, 
but would love to see it there.


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