Java client [file chunking]

stefan deubeulyou at
Wed Oct 31 18:50:42 UTC 2007

On 10/30/07, Andy Lo A Foe <andy.loafoe at> wrote:
>  Apache2/WebDAV has worked out well on storage nodes (mogstored currently
> chokes on files > 100MB).

Hi  !

I'm trying to replace mogstored by lighttpd or apache webdav as well, but I
still hit an issue: new folders
are not created by the tracker...  There's a TODO entry about it (I guess),
and a few other posts on the list, but
I couldn't really understand if it's supposed to just work ...

I wonder, are you running 2.17 or svn, did you need any patches ? Do I need
some specific tracker configuration ?

Thanks for any hint you might have !

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