Mounting MogileFS?

mitcheloc mitcheloc at
Wed Sep 12 20:45:26 UTC 2007

I'm investigating my options for distributed file system and MogileFS
seems to be what I want. According to what I understand about MogileFS
the files are accessed via WebDav after a pointer is retreived from
the tracker...

I have an application I need to pass a file path to. The app then
loads it and processes it. What would the proper way be to have the
app load the file stored by MogileFS? Ideally, I'm aiming for the
least latency in loading the file.

I'm going to be storing lots of files on average between 200 to 800
kilobytes in size.

Would a webdav linux file system work for me?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!


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