Very large numbers of files?

Andrew Cantino andrew at
Wed Sep 19 17:31:06 UTC 2007

Thanks a lot for your reply.  I'm curious if anyone else has
experience using mogilefs in this way?  (To store millions of
medium-sized files.)  Would something like a replicated Reiser3
filesystem be a better choice?


On 9/18/07, dormando <dormando at> wrote:
> Andrew Cantino wrote:
> > I'm interested in using mogilefs to store very large numbers of files
> > (tens to hundreds of millions).  Will this be a problem?
> Depends on how often you add, delete, re-replicate, read etc. mogilefs'
> choke point is currently the database. Which a nice dual cpu quadcore
> machine with 32G+ of RAM will likely hold hundreds of millions of files
> okay.
> It also wouldn't be too huge of an investment to add database
> partitioning support.
> I guess it's worth noting that the more actively your dataset is
> changing, the more load the system presents to itself in general. If you
> load up a hundred million files then mostly read on them most of
> mogilefs will be pretty bored. Doing more adds some extra DB load.
> > Could anyone
> > point me to benchmark documentation about how mogilefs scales as the
> > number of stored files grows?
> Wish there was some :) There's the one database, the rest is dependent
> on how many spindles you add to the cluster. Disks slow? Add more disks,
> rebalance, or drain overloaded devices, move on. Trackers overloaded?
> Add more trackers. Database slow? Possibly a bigger issue.
> -Dormando

Andrew Cantino

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