TCO and human hours for large deployments

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Wed Sep 19 20:50:27 UTC 2007

Thanks very much for that info.
That is very helpful!



Colin Paddock wrote:
> We have a somewhat largish mogilefs cluster, with 10 storage nodes and
> something like 100 million files, without counting replication, added to
> mogile to date (we deployed about two months ago now)
> It took two people about a month to deploy, but this also included:
> * Design of how we were going to set up the cluster
> * Racking the machines needed
> * Modifying our applications to use the mogile backend. (This required
> about two days of an engineer's time, on top of the two ops people
> dedicated to the project.)
> * Testing various db/config options with an eye towards performance of
> reads/writes. Testing lighty versus perlbal, etc.
> * Actually sitting down and learning how mogile works (and we're still a
> bit behind on that one :) )
> After the deployment, it's been fairly smooth, without too much
> maintenance. We've had to spend some time writing plug-ins for
> nagios/ganglia, but beyond that, it's been a low-maintenance cluster.
> We've also spent a good deal of time creating web-tool front ends for
> mogadm, but this was more in our spare time. 
> Colin Paddock
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> Subject: TCO and human hours for large deployments
> I am working out the Total Cost for a large (er, scalable...) mogilefs 
> deployment.  The numbers for hardware are relatively easy depending on 
> design.  However, like all opensource initiatives, calculating the time 
> / resources for administration by humans is tricky until you do it for 
> awhile.  Our company has plenty of experience using OpenSource tools for
> the majority of our needs, with the proprietary solution thrown in where
> applicable.  So I was wondering if anyone who is attempting to setup a 
> mogilefs storage setup, or who is using one now could shed some light on
> the subject.  I figured initially, on a new deployment, about 60% of a 
> single Administrators time would be taken up to maintain a large 
> mogilefs cluster.  I figure design and implementation would take much 
> more than that (maybe 2 or 3 people to save time).  I am comparing this 
> to a couple proprietary solutions we have been looking at that are known
> to scale well into multi TB or even PB setup that are basically Scalable
> NAS solutions that use a "brick" mentality.  The theory being that you 
> pay upfront for stability or support if needed.  But I am wondering if 
> say 60% for the first year of learning how to maintain and grow a 
> production mogilefs is close or not.  Too high / low?
> Any thoughts or real work data would be great.
> Thanks all!!

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