mogilefs in multiple locations, tracker issue

Francis Mak francis at
Fri Sep 21 12:34:57 UTC 2007

Dear All,

        We would like to setup mogilefs in multiple location datacenters
(e.g. USA and Japan).  Following is a simple structure:



        MySQL Master database

        Tracker01 server

        Storage01 server



        MySQL Slave database

        Tracker02 server

        Storage02 server


        I got two questions here:


1.       If a user from Japan uploading a file to Tracker02 server in
Japan.  Will the Tracker02 server "CREATE_OPEN" in Storage02 server
first?? Is there a "priority" storage list for specific tracker?

2.       If user upload a 50MB file to Storage02 through Tracker02 in
Japan.  Immediately, a user from USA, request a "GET_PATHS" from
Tracker01, I know Tracker01 will return Storage02, since it takes some
time to replicate to Storage01.  How about AFTER the replication is
finished?  Can Tracker01 return Storage01 as first priority since user
is coming from USA?

3.       Regarding replication policy, if I am going to override the
function "replicate_to", how can I plug this new class into the server?
i.e. I have already installed 2.17.  Sorry, but I am a newbie in PERL...


I know some of the issues could be resolved by using geographic load
balancing.  I can make sure a user from Japan goes to Japan web server
and tracker.  However, I don't know how a Tracker select it's storage


Thanks for your time.


Francis Mak



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