Input on best practices for serving files

J. Shirley jshirley at
Thu Apr 10 14:31:57 UTC 2008

On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 10:37 PM, sanados <sanados at> wrote:
>  Awesome guide!
>  Where was this guide 6months ago? :(
>  Put that online somewhere ... would have saved me quite some  time
> searching and guessing.
>  about the walkthrough point 4)
>  would love to have the content-type of the file stored by mogilefsd.
>  otherwise i have to check the content-type of that file myself or encode
> the information about the content-type into the domain/class or the request
> url.
>  for example using:
>  domain: image
>  class: jpeg
>  -> content-type: image/jpeg
>  or url: /i/j/userphoto_1234
>  -> content-type: image/jpeg
>  but as mogilefs has to touch that file anyway it would be a good place to
> store the content-type (as it stores the size of the file)

I'm trying to get an account on the wiki so that I can format it, make
some diagrams and post it.  I may throw it on a site I have in the
interim just to not lose it.  Since the accounts seem invite only,
I'll put on a wiki gnome hat and update it with changes from the
mailing list.

I'll also try to add the Catalyst MogilleFS image server app (just a
single file, really) while I do it.

Again, Mark, thank you!!


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