MogileFS limits...

dormando dormando at
Sat Apr 12 21:58:54 UTC 2008

Nathan Schmidt wrote:
> We've got about 50M dkeys tracked on a generic core2duo master-master
> setup, and that is starting to get a little claustrophobic -- the
> indices for file and file_on are well in excess of the RAM of the
> boxes. MySQL does a pretty good job all things considered but we
> definitely are working on a new arrangement which will use multiple
> independent mogilefs systems to spread the file count around. The main
> limiting factors with this kind of dataset are in list_keys and
> rebalance operations. We cache at the application level so paths
> lookups are rare. We're certainly at one edge of the continuum, with
> many millions of small files rather than hundreds of thousands of
> large files and I get the feeling we're operating outside of the
> mogilefs sweet spot but it's still quite usable.
> -n

I've had many more small files than that and the DB still held up. Had 
to add more RAM at some point and run OPTIMIZE TABLE every few months 
but it was okay.

However we didn't use list_keys or rebalance... just drain/dead 
operations. Any chance you could describe the pain there in a little 
more detail?


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